Josh Cagwin

FOUNDER & Head Coach

Josh is a ultra marathoner & triathlete who races 50k-100 mile ultra endurance runs & Ironman triathlons. A former collegiate track & field athlete he has been involved with running and multiple sports since childhood. 

Coaching experience:

• 10 yrs. as a run coach, including high school track & field athletes
• 4 yrs. coaching triathletes (sprint to full 140.6 distance)
• 5 yrs. working with Crossfit athletes to improve their aerobic capacity & balance  endurance training with their Crossfit program
• 5 yrs. as a high school football coach (offensive coordinator,  QB’s, WR’s & RB’s)
• Crossfit Endurance Certified
• Pose Running
• Strength & Conditioning


Melanie Downes-Cagwin


Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting Coach

• USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
• Competitive Masters Crossfit Athlete
• Competitive USAW Olympic Weightlifter
• 6th in Southern California, Crossfit Games Open 2016  Masters Division 40-44
• 100th in the world, Crossfit Games Open 2016  Masters Division 40-44
• 8th  in Southern California, Crossfit Games Open 2015  Masters Division 40-44
• 96th in the World, Crossfit Games Open 2015 Masters Division 40-44