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What we do

We focus on improving strength, technique, performance, speed & endurance in athletes. If you are tired of your same old routine, battling injuries, looking to qualify for Boston, or simply just want some coaching, Speed & Endurance Collective can help. We have worked with hundreds of athletes ranging from track & field/cross country athletes, 5k to ultra marathoners, triathletes (short course to Ironman distance), both Crossfit and Crossfit Games athletes. Run technique analysis, individualized training programs, injury prevention & strength and conditioning. We do it all.


Conference Champ

" Jj came to you with pain and completely discouraged. You have brought her spirits up, given her confidence, and given her amazing form and strength. Your coaching and guidance is top notch!! Thank you!!!"



“ Boston would not have happened without the knowledge, planning, tracking and encouragement from Josh Cagwin whose coaching allowed me to drop nearly 25 minutes off my marathon time to qualify for Boston with a 3:35:42 at the Revel Big Cottonwood in September of last year. That was certainly the highlight of my ‘running career’. “


“Coaching is taking someone where they cannot take themselves.”

Bill Mccartney



Build new technique that allows you to progress and mitigate bad form and old muscle memory. I received great support and structure that helped me with injuries coming into the first class. I am now injury free, running faster and have better form, technique and efficiency when I run."
-Dave B.


"Josh has a gift to be able to look at someone running and be able to make tiny adjustments which makes a world of a difference. Running is still not my favorite sport, however, I'm enjoying it more than ever! I will continue to recommend Josh for any swim, bike, run and all fitness adventures to anyone who is looking for that expertise and added push."


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